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GREENFOND GEONET bi-directional geocomposite with an open structure in the form of a geogrid as a technical element in a pitched roof as an assembly system for GREENFOND GLOB.


GREENFOND GEONET a flat geocomposite with a perpendicular arrangement of the bands forming the mesh is a technical product used for the assembly of GREENFOND system components on green sloping roofs. In addition, it is used to strengthen low-bearing soils.


Application of GREENFOND Geonet

- green roofs

- strengthening the foundation of road and rail roads

- stabilization of landslides

- soil strengthening

- strengthening of slopes and embankments

- strengthening the native soil for cubature construction


12 March 2021
Flat geocomposite

Flat geocomposite

Product number - 401203 


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