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GREENFOND KT 40 Premium made of hardened polyethylene (HDPE) stabilizes permeable surfaces covered with loose aggregates.


The use of grilles allows to leave a larger biologically active surface and efficient passage of rainwater into the ground.


The KT 40 Premium lawn grids have appropriately made mounting catches that allow for the mutual connection of subsequent elements.

The use of a lawn trellis is not only an ecological aspect, but also an economic one.

Lawn grids are made of plastic, so they are very durable and resistant to weather conditions, especially water, frost and chemicals.

They are also not subject to corrosion.

Their task is to strengthen or harden the surface depending on the filling used.

The trellises overgrown with plants allow for their normal vegetation, and at the same time can be treated as a biologically active surface.


We use it on paths and traffic routes on green roofs, parking lots, garage driveways, access roads and properties. It can also be used to protect slopes against erosion and as an element stabilizing the roof substrate on green roofs in the GREENFOND system of the sloping roof.



- 50 x 50 x 4 cm


12 March 2021
Lawn grid

Lawn grid

Product number - 401205


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