Hydroinsulation geomembrane


GREENFOND PVC AQUA W foil made of highly resistant PVC for horizontal and vertical waterproofing

GREENFOND PVC AQUA W waterproofing geomembrane is a thermoplastic material made of a mixture of vinyl compounds, plasticizers and stabilizers.

A specially selected mixture has been refined to maintain the flexibility of the material under the influence of changing weather conditions.

Thanks to its properties, the geomembrane is ideal for use on uneven surfaces while remaining fully waterproof.

– green roofs
– terraces, balconies
– roads and ring roads
– industrial facilities
– petrol stations and fuel bases
– ponds, garden ponds
– swimming pools
– fire tanks
– rainwater tanks

– completely resistant to moisture
– easy installation on the construction site
– flexible at low temperatures
– resistant to breaking, tearing and perforation
– any width of the material
– welded with hot air automatic machines without the use of open fire
– knurled geomembrane (non-slip)

– 2.10 x 20 m
– 2.10 x 30 m