Drainage mat


GREENFOND Drain 250 a drainage layer made of hardened polyethylene (HDPE), integrated with a water-permeable high-quality filter geotextile.

GREENFOND Drain 250 is designed for versatile use in the field of water insulation protection in vertical and horizontal arrangement.

In particular, it is used to drain water from pedestrian paths on garage panels, in the area of ​​extensive green roofs, terraces, foundation walls, bottom plates, bridge abutments, tunnels, etc. It can also be used to protect thermal insulation against mechanical damage and constitute an additional supporting barrier. waterproofing.

GREENFOND Drain 250 is used as a waterproofing layer in the construction of concrete structures for roadside drainage ditches and water reservoirs, provided that the covering layer of the drainage mat is stable against being lifted by the buoyant force of the water below.

Roll dimensions:
– 2 x 15 m