Drainage mat


GREENFOND Drain 400 is a particularly durable drainage layer, made of hardened polyethylene (HDPE) and integrated with a high-quality, water-permeable geotextile.

It is characterized by an increased strength parameter in the field of point load, which in particular allows for use in sensitive areas such as: access roads and parking lots.

It is also intended for use in the area of ​​water insulation protection in vertical and horizontal arrangement. It is recommended for effective drainage of water from pedestrian paths on garage slabs, in the area of ​​extensive green roofs, terraces, foundation walls, bottom slabs, bridge abutments, tunnels.

GREENFOND Drain 400 facilitates the correct execution of drainage that eliminates the often occurring phenomenon of the so-called “Keying” of concrete tiles or paving stones, which is the result of changes in the structure of the substrate during changing weather conditions, eg freezing and thawing of the bearing layers.

A properly selected drainage layer for appropriate point loads ensures effective drainage for the entire structure.

Roll dimensions:
– 2 x 15 m