Vegetation mat – flower meadow


The GREENFOND Bees & Butterflies MATT vegetation mat consist of four types of sedum, from five to seven types of ornamental grasses, and a mixture of over forty perennials and herbs.

Plants grow on a biodegradable coconut fiber substrate and a special substrate.

The vegetation on the mat is fully developed and covers at least 95% of the area at the time of delivery.

A wide range of hosts and nectarines plants have been specially selected for the Bees & Butterflies mat, with different flowering periods from early spring to late fall.

Honey-bearing plants provide butterflies and bees with valuable food.

Host plants provide an essential food link for caterpillars as they transform from eggs to butterflies.

The GREENFOND Bees & Butterflies mat does not contain any pesticides, contributing to the reproduction and survival of bees and butterflies.

GREENFOND vegetation mats are manufactured in accordance with the FLL green roof organization guidelines.

Roll dimensions:
– 0,6 x 2 m