Flower meadow – seeds


GREENFOND MKP is a unique composition of undemanding, colorfully blooming annual and perennial plants intended for green roofs.

The mixture consists of over 30 species of flowers, herbs and wild grasses occurring in field communities.

A mixture of flowers with carefully selected species of dry-loving grasses creates a colorful flower meadow.

The flowers have been selected to please the eye throughout the growing season – from early summer to late fall.

The maximum height of plants is 90 cm, which allows you to create a visible exposure of a green roof.

It is recommended to mix the seeds with the GREENFOND roofing substrate to prevent rinsing and blowing away.

Product characteristics:

-mixture of flower seeds, herbs 75% and grasses 25%
-intended for extensive green roofs
-sowing: IV-VI
-flowering: June-October
-sowing rate: 1 kg / approx. 100 m2
-plant height: 5 – 90 cm
-recommended thickness of the substrate min. 8 cm

– 0.5 or 1 kg