Drainage plate


GREENFOND 40 Garden retention and drainage module (HDPE) with high water accumulation and load resistance.

For use in the intensive green roof system.

The innovative shape of the profiles and a properly selected mixture of hardened polyethylene HDPE have a significant impact on the mechanical and physical properties of the product, thanks to which we obtain above-average retention parameters in its class.

GREENFOND 40 Garden is also an innovative design of the entire module.

Thanks to a special embossing of its edges, we can connect them to each other, which, unlike the currently used solutions, laid using the so-called “Joint” plate next to the plate, we get a stable structure of the entire drainage layer with a simultaneous easy and quick installation method for the contractor.

In addition, GREENFOND 40 Garden has an additional special embossing on the upper surface of the profile, unsealing to a small extent direct contact with the GREENFOND Tex 100 drainage fleece, which allows for free air flow between individual sections, and in cases of heavy rainfall also for effective drainage of excess water.

Extreme accumulation of water – approx. 15 liters / m2

Above average compressive strength – 400 kN / m2

Board dimensions:
– 2 x 1 m