Bucket foil


GREENFOND FD 8-400 drainage and protection of the insulation of foundation walls

GREENFOND FD 8-400 profiled dimple foil made of hardened polyethylene (HDPE).

It perfectly protects, insulates and secures underground parts of foundations and walls in a vertical system and eliminates capillary rising of water in a horizontal system.

The asymmetric structure of the embossing in the form of a pyramid gives the dimpled foil a high resistance to compression and tearing.

Air circulation between appropriately made embossments allows the removal of moisture from the foundations, which also contributes to the improvement of thermal insulation.

High compressive strength allows for permanent and effective functioning of the system under ground pressure.

– vertical foundations
– water tanks
– drainage ditches
– parking lots, maneuvering areas, service roads

– 0.5 X 20 m
– 1 x 20 m
– 1.5 x 20 m
– 2 x 20 m
– 2.5 x 20 m
– 3 x 20 m
– 3.5 x 20 m