Waterproofing foil


GREENFOND FF foil for horizontal waterproofing, foundation walls.

GREENFOND FF made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), due to its properties, is an ideal combination with a masonry mortar.

Its high flexibility ensures very good adhesion and resistance to uneven deformation of the substrate.

It has stable strength parameters which ensure very good tightness of the product.

– black PVC foil which is not subject to degradation
– very solid and durable
– has very high insulation parameters
– it is laid in a single layer without the use of any other means
– lap joint or gasket

– 0.25 x 30 m
– 0.3 x 30 m
– 0.4 x 30 m
– 0.5 x 30 m
– 0.6 x 30 m