Protective mat


GREENFOND PPM protective mat used to improve roadside greenery conditions during winter.

The mats are installed on the side of the road, reducing the splash of slush contaminated with road salt, protecting the soil in the vicinity of plants.

They are assembled before the frost, and then disassembled after the end of winter road maintenance – in February / March.

One-time purchased mats can be used for many years, significantly reducing the expenses related to the replacement of dying shrubs after successive winters.

Slush and salt spray

– get into the soil, where they cause excessive salinity of the substrate, as a result of which plants cannot take up water and die
– they stick to the above-ground parts of plants and cause the buds and shoots to die: first from the road side, and in subsequent years for whole plants.

– Roll width: 100 cm
– Effective height: 80 cm
– Collar height: 20 cm
– Roll length: 100 m





60.1302 – dia. 70 cm, ht. 100cm

60.1303 –  dia. 100 cm, ht. 110 cm