Roof membrane


Fatrafol 818 / V-UV is long-term resistant to UV radiation, therefore it is intended primarily for applications in which it is not possible to provide protection against the direct effects of weather conditions on the entire roof surface, such as pavement with supports.

The membrane can also be used for treating parapets.

FATRAFOL 818 / V-UV is produced by the multiple extrusion method.

FATRAFOL 818 / V-UV is designed to provide a single-layer covering of flat roofs loaded with a vegetative, functional layer or aggregate.

It is not suitable for mechanical fastening systems and for coverings without an additional weighting layer.

Membranes can be mutually joined by hot air welding.

Laying and joining can be done at temperatures down to -5 ° C.

Roll dimensions:
– 2.5 x 20 m