Spatial geocomposite


GREENFOND GLOB spatial HDPE geocomposite is a product that maintains the stability of the roof substrate on green pitched roofs, soil on slopes and slopes.

It enables solving the problem of the poor bearing capacity of the native soil.

In the case of poor soil bearing capacity, the system works to reduce vertical stresses by creating a substructure that behaves like a semi-rigid slab.

Application examples of GREENFOND GLOB:
-green roofs
-forest roads, temporary access roads, etc.
-reinforcement of the foundation of road and rail roads
-construction and renovation of car parks and maneuvering areas
-anti-erosive protection of slopes, embankments, ditches, water reservoirs, canals, etc.
-construction and strengthening of flood embankments and shorelines
-shaping the garden space around buildings
-strengthening the native soil for cubature construction