Spatial geocomposite


GREENFOND MAT EN spatial geocomposite made of polypropylene, used as a stabilizing and drainage element on low-bearing soils and for soil stabilization.

GREENFOND MAT EN geocomposite made of polyamide fibers forming a three-dimensional spatial structural mat used to protect against erosion of slopes, embankments, ditches, river banks, etc.

It can also be used as an element securing the slopes of landfills and coastal coasts.

Thanks to its spatial structure, it allows for easy filling of the soil, which enables easy plant growth, and additionally stabilizes the slopes.

GREENFOND MAT EN can also be used as a separation and drainage element on green roofs, garage slabs or roadways.

-Perfect protection of slopes
-Possibility of filling with soil, 90% of the volume of the mat for greater stabilization
-Provides good layer separation on a green roof
-Safe and easy assembly